Our sponsored players at Kiranyi Secondary School in Arusha in January 2018.

Our sponsored players at Kiranyi Secondary School in Arusha in January 2018.

School Kick Starter Campaign

Due to funds raised in 2017 we were able to transition 45 of our players to their next year of schooling in January 2018. 

As the families of our players are often living off less than $1 per day they barely have enough to feed their family, let alone keep their children in school. The cost to send a child to secondary school is considerably more than for primary school and because of this many of our players drop out after primary school and start working to support the family.

We are proud to support our players in their schooling and help break the cycle of poverty that currently exists. 

We are currently looking for sponsors for 60 players to transition from  their next year of school in 2019.

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Research has shown increasing the number of children with access to early education in Africa has US$33 return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent.
— — The Copenhagen Consensus Centre

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Player sponsorship

Many Lengo players lack money, limiting their access to education. Whether it be primary, secondary or tertiary schooling, Lengo aims to help its players gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications to allow them to build a stable foundation and reach their potential. Up to 80% of Tanzanian youth do not finish secondary school and this is due to lack of money and resources.

Through player sponsorship you can provide these boys and girls with the education they need to succeed.

Sponsor a player to go to school from $25 a month.

Your gift will support their school fees, accommodation and food.

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Your sponsored player will keep you up to date with his or her progress at school and on the football field. 

Read more about sponsoring a player.

Family Sponsorship

At Lengo Football Academy we play an active part in the health and wellbeing of our players that goes beyond daily football training.

Over the years we realised that it was not just our young players that required support, but their families as well. In 2016 we piloted the sponsorship of a family and, in particular, a Mama by giving her the capital to build a chicken coop and to purchase chickens and a rooster to start her own small business of selling eggs. At the time the chicken coop was built she was living on less than AU$2 a week and supporting 4 children including one that with severe disabilities. 

One year on we are happy to say that her chickens are producing many eggs per week and she's earning enough to feed, clothe and school her children.

For AU$300 you can build a chicken coop like this one and help a family start a small business to support their children to stay in school and have enough to eat each week. We will share your sponsorship family’s story with you and even send you photos as the chicken coop is being built!

Read more about how chickens really do change lives.

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We invite you to play an integral role at Lengo in 2017. Anyone can be a season sponsor whether you are an individual or an organisation.

By pledging a regular monthly donation, you will be right on the touch-line and part of the action.

Sponsors will receive:

  • regular match reports written by the players
  • selected player profiles detailing their positions, talents and interests
  • updates on the players’ studies and vocational training
  • a personalised thank you message straight from Tanzania
  • recognition on the Lengo website and other promotional collateral, where appropriate.

To be a part of this exciting program we invite you to pledge a minimum of $250 a month as an individual or $500 a month as an organisation.

Stand beside our talented players and watch them score goals for life.

Read more about our season sponsorship.

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