learning off the field

It is estimated that up to 80% of Tanzanian youth do not finish secondary school. 

From as early as the age of 5 children take on responsibilities such as collecting fire wood, walking long distances to fetch water, taking care of the family livestock and helping their parents look after the homestead.

Education is a key component of Lengo’s philosophy. All of our young players are financially supported through their primary and secondary education by Lengo. In addition, the players must stay in school in order to be a part of Lengo Football Academy. Through the shared love for football, these children learn about the value of growing their knowledge and improving their skills to become confident, successful and independent young adults. 

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
— George Washington Carver


Unemployment in Tanzania is very high and it is extremely difficult for our senior players (aged 16 -24) to find full-time employment. The dangers of our senior players not being able to find work is that, over time, they start to lose hope in life and may turn to anti-social behaviours such as taking drugs and theft for survival.

We are establishing a 12-month employment program for our players once they have completed school, to help them transition into the workforce. The jobs we provide include coaching, refereeing, driving, administration and operations. We also provide them with money management skills during this time. This 12-month employment program gives young people the chance to start building a stable lifestyle and to save some capital to start their own small businesses such as buying and selling produce, starting small shops/local restaurants, farming and keeping livestock.

Part of this program is providing our players with interview skills and helping them to update their CVs. 

As Arusha is the start of the Serengeti Trail, tourism is high. We partner with local tour operators to train and provide jobs for our players in work experiences such as portering for climbers up Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro.

We partner with local companies to help our players secure employment in their field of expertise.