Max Martin's fundraising efforts pay off

Max Martin's fundraising efforts pay off

 Max at the Templestowe College Climate Fair

Max at the Templestowe College Climate Fair

Thirteen-year-old Max Martin from Melbourne Australia is a budding entrepreneur. He started his first business recently, “Plants 4 Life” where he sells seedlings and young plants at local markets, aged care homes and school events in his local area in Donvale, a suburb in Melbourne.

Recently, he heard Lengo Football Academy founder Emanuel Saakai speak at his school, Templestowe College, and was inspired to donate a percentage of his profits to help Lengo support our young players. Here are some words from Max on what motivated him to donate his money to help disadvantaged youth in Tanzania.

Why did you start your business, Plants 4 Life?

My family owns a farm in Yea (in Victoria, Australia) where my Dad grew up and my dream is to be a farmer. I am studying Permaculture (Design Certificate) at school next year and spend a lot of time in the garden at school and at home. My Mum said it would be good for me to have a hobby and I thought, "why not sell plants?" I started selling seedlings at the nursing home up the road from our house and it grew from there. Now my school has said that they want me to help build a nursery, which I’m really excited about.

What motivated you to donate a percentage of your profits to Lengo Football Academy?


When I saw Emanuel talk at my school I realised that we are really lucky to be born in Australia. He didn’t have anything when he was a kid and he said that the kids kick around a ball that they make out of plastic bags. It was easy for me to give some of the money I was earning from my business to Lengo and I know it will make a big difference to the kids over there (in Tanzania).

What do you understand the biggest differences to be between the kids in Tanzania and in Australia?

Emanuel said that a lot of them don’t get to go to school. Here we have to go to school! They don’t have many toys and have to work when they are really little. The work that they do is really hard. Emanuel said that sometimes they don’t have enough to eat. We always have enough to eat in Australia.

What do you have to say to other young people who want to make a difference to kids that are not as fortunate as Australian kids?

It was easy for me to give some of my money from my business to Lengo and I think everyone should do it. We have a lot in Australia and they don’t have much at all. They need it more than we do.

Max is an inspiration to all of us to give back what we can and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Well done Max! You are a true friend of Lengo Football Academy and we thank you. The money Max has raised so far will be going towards purchasing bananas and clean water for the players during games and training.

By Roxanne Strauss