Where does your money go when you sponsor a player?

Where does your money go when you sponsor a player?

Willfred* is fifteen years old and is in form two, which is the second year of High School. He’s the first born in his family and has a younger brother who is ten and is also part of Lengo Football Academy. He is in the forth year of primary school. Both brothers are fully dependent on their Mama.

Their Mama is 32 and is widowed.  She raises her two children in a very tough environment and this has been the case since her husband passed in 2009. She and her boys live in a very small, one room mud hut and she is also raising another boy, who she is related to. This means there are four of them in total.

Mama is a small business woman (as most women are in Tanzania) and she sells tomatoes, potatoes and onions in the markets. She doesn’t earn enough each week to feed, clothe and school the boys and is therefore struggling to raise them.  There are some weeks where they don’t have enough food to eat. She invests TZS100,00 (AUD$61) in her business and she makes a profit of TZS40,000 (AUD$25) a month. It's become harder to make a profit in this business as more people have started a similar business thus increasing the competition. In the past she has also had spend most of her capital on keeping her Willfred in secondary school.

Willfred recently went through the Maasai circumcision ceremony and he’s now been declared a man. According to Maasai culture, this means that he’s unable to stay in the same room as his mother and he’s now sleeping in a mud hut with his Cousin and Uncle. As there is no bed for him in this hut he is sleeping on the floor.

She struggles to give her sons an education. Anything that she earns she gives to Willfred to pay for his school and also for his accommodation, food and a tiny bit of pocket money ($3-4 a month to buy some soap and other things at school). She’s told us that the only thing that keeps him happy is Lengo and she’s so appreciative of what Lengo is doing for her sons. It would have been very hard for her to raise her sons on her own and without Lengo’s support.

Mama says, “it would have been very hard for the kids to stick with their good values and ethics if they didn’t have something positive to look forward to everyday, which is playing football.” As she spends most of her time going from market to market and she is therefore not there for her boys when they come home from school. She comes back late at night when it’s already dark and therefore she’s so happy that her boys have something to do at the end of the day so that they don’t start taking drugs or committing crimes instead.

Willfred and his younger brother have been with Lengo Football Academy since it commenced in 2012. We are happy that Willfred has been sponsored for the year through our player sponsorship program and this money has been used to keep him in secondary school. When you sponsor a player for just $25 per month, you are paying for his or her school fees for one year, uniform, shoes, socks and books, and food for his or her family.

If you're interested in sponsoring a player just like this please get in touch. Help our players reach their potential and score goals for life today.

By Roxanne Strauss

* Name has been changed to protect his privacy