Danielle Maassen

Sponsorship Manager, Europe, Australia and Africa

Danielle Maassen is focused on the belief that all people should have the opportunity to have a bright future for whether it be in business or their personal lives. Having held senior management and sales management roles, and over 15 years’ experience in Corporate, Automotive and Financial Sectors. Danielle has extensive knowledge in transforming strategy into action while creating positive behavioural and cultural change in teams.
Danielle has worked for leading organisations and has a proven track record of sustained sales growth through strategic planning and keen business acumen, with extensive Business Development experience in the corporate environment both; cross functionally and business to business.
Danielle is degree qualified with a Bachelor of Social Science – Human Resource Management & Psychology, her academic background combined with significant experiences in work and life has instilled an intuitive appreciation of what it takes to succeed in the real world: diligence, integrity, innovation, hard work and a positive attitude. Danielle also has a keen interest neuroscience / neuroplasticity and wellness; particularly in creating new neural pathways and being a personal change agent so individuals can identify and unlock their potential. For this reason Danielle is thrilled to be joining the Lengo Football Academy team so that she can be a part of the positive change this company will make to so many youths and their families in Tanzania.
Spending some time abroad during time in the global leadership development programme administered by Cranfield University gave Danielle the opportunity to travel to South Africa, Americas, and the United Kingdom exposing her to a number of cultures. In addition Danielle has spent time in a number of developing nations throughout South East Asia which has sparked her excitement to invest her time in giving back to those in need.

Danielle also loves to fill her life with adventure and challenges and participates in a number philanthropic activities. One of her most recent achievements was completing a 60 kilometre Coast Trek for the Fred Hollows Foundation, which supports the restoration of eyesight to people in over 25 countries. Danielle is also heavily connected with the Australian Ovarian Cancer Institute and supported the “We can walk it out event” in 2009, helping raise in excess of $50,000 for research funding. Her next physical adventure will be embarking on a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, a goal which Danielle is very excited to accomplish.

Danielle is passionate about developing people to be their best both personally and professionally. There is a realisation that this opportunity is heavily dependent on having an environment which will allow people to find their passion, develop and their refine skills – it is Danielle’s aim to create this environment for those around her. She is looking forward to her future involvement with the Lengo Football Academy and is thrilled to see the positive changes within the Tanzanian community by alleviating poverty and giving children and families the opportunity to have a bright future.

Danielle Maassen