I have known Emanuel for over four years and became involved with him when I heard about his story regarding Lengo Football Academy that he had set up in Arusha, Tanzania. Over the years, he has spoken to and coached many players and youngsters in their club environment in Australia. Emanuel has also presented at AFCAT (Association of Football Coaches and Trainers) seminars and conferences and at Rowville Secondary College where I am the Head Coach. I believe he is a very talented football coach and has a wonderful story to tell and would encourage you to consider the benefits he can bring to your school and students

Ian Greener

Head Coach of the Soccer Program, Rowville Secondary College AFCAT co-founder

We thank Lengo Football Academy for helping out our country, Tanzania by educating our street children which keeps them far away from drugs. We, the parents of Ngaramtoni, Arusha, have seen your precious efforts and we promise to join hands with you always. Go Lengo!

John Ole Nanga

Parent of one of Lengo Football Academy's young players in Arusha Tanzania

During my stay in Tanzania I was fortunate to meet some very inspiring people who were all connected with the Lengo Football Academy Their ability to overcome many hardships both economical and physical made me feel inspired and very humbled. The children loved their football The joy could be seen in their faces. They deserve all the help they can get because they are prepared to put in a 100% effort. Thank you all the folk I met in Arusha. You have given me some very fond memories.

Cynthia Biggs

"The chicken project that I have been empowered with will help me a lot. I have been struggling to afford to pay for rent, food and other small living expenses for my family, let alone support my kids with their education. I believe with this support my life will be improve dramatically and it will only take a matter of a few months to change. From now on I will not be called a ‘house Mama’ but rather I will be known as a productive hard-working Mama and a fighter. This support will change my life for the better, as I will have a purpose and mission to wake up to every morning."


Mama to one of the players at Lengo Football Academy