The passion and enthusiasm of our players (boys and girls) is expressed every day at our training sessions and on match day. Most of our players do not have enough food or water at home and walk for miles to get to training each day.

Lengo Football Academy’s girls team trains from 5-6pm each night

Training takes place after school six days a week, at a very basic primary school ground in Ngaramtoni, Arusha. Our dedicated young players receive skill training, technical, strength and tactical training, football conditioning, general football fitness exercises, dynamic stretching and football mentorship and guidance. Lengo currently has seven teams playing in local competitions.

In addition, Lengo provides players with a rolling program of local and international guest speakers who share vital information and inspiration relating to health, life and leadership skills and vocational opportunities.

Lengo Football Academy is based in Arusha, Tanzania Africa

Lengo Football Academy is based in Arusha, Tanzania Africa

We thank Lengo Football Academy for helping out our country, Tanzania by educating our street children which keeps them far away from drugs, We, the parents of Ngaramtoni, Arusha, have seen your precious efforts and we promise to join hands with you always. Go Lengo!

John Olenanga (Parent of one of Lengo Football Academy's young players in Arusha Tanzania)


Through Lengo’s leadership, Arusha is home to an annual local football league incorporating local teams of different age groups.

Recognising an appetite for learning and participating in football within the community, Lengo has collaborated with the Tanzanian Football Federation to run an annual local league. Lengo engages Government schools to provide an opportunity for the students to play football.

This highly popular program greatly enhances the curriculum offered in Tanzanian schools and enables Lengo to broaden the reach of its network. The aim of these two programs are to give local teams/academies/schools a chance to participate in competitions that help to raise the football standard of our local individual players, as well as our local teams.