For the past two years Lengo Football Academy has partnered with Football for Friendship to send youth from Tanzania, Australia and Oceania to Russia for the International Children’s program.

In 2018 our Chairperson, Roxanne Strauss was selected to be part of the International Organising Committee on behalf of Lengo Football Academy and was responsible for organising 12 countries, including the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia and Tanzania, to attend the program in Moscow in June 2018. Our Founder, Emanuel Saakai was selected as a key delegate and represented Australia, Tanzania and Oceania throughout the program.

Emanuel Saakai speaks about giving the opportunity to youth from around the world the opportunity to attend the Football for Friendship program in Moscow, Russia.
Listen to Emanuel Saakai present to delegates from 211 countries at the Football for Friendship international children's program in Moscow, Russia.